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If you follow this procedure for a couple of seasons, the tree is.

Jan 17, To properly prune crapemyrtles, use the following techniques.

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Remove suckers (small sprouts that can develop along main stems or roots). Remove crossed, damaged, or diseased branches. For crossed branches, remove the weaker of the two limbs that are crossing or rubbing. Consequences of Severe Pruning. Feb 09, Tip prune the branches to remove spent flower buds.

This is also called pencil pruning because the branches removed are no thicker than a pencil. This type of pruning is the most labor intensive, but it also results in a more aesthetically attractive tree.

Well Maintained Crape Myrtle in Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. Jan 24, Pruning Crape Myrtle Trees is done by, slowly removing one-by-one all side (lateral) branches up to a height of 5-feet or so.

What is a crepe myrtle tree?

Height can depend upon the size of the tree Reviews: May 06, Most Central Florida homeowners prune crepe myrtles because they will grow, grow & grow! Before long they can reach heights of ′ or more. Pruning can help keep your beautiful blooming tree under stumpgrind.pwted Reading Time: 2 mins. Aug 29, Late Winter- You'll want to prune dwarf crape myrtle shrubs in late winter or early spring, before or just when new leaves begin to emerge.

That said, broken or stray branches that spoil the shape of the crape myrtle can be removed any time of year. Mar 07, Dwarf crepe myrtle pruning is not a complicated process although it might be hectic to some people. As a result, most people hardly prune the dwarf myrtle trees because they have a slow growth rate. However, when you notice some overgrowth, it’s time to do some stumpgrind.pwted Reading Time: 8 mins.

Jul 03, Your pruning is done in winter when the Crape Myrtle is dormant, between the months of December and February. The good news is that super aggressive pruning that you might have seen around town is not actually needed to get a beautiful, healthy plant.

Properly pruning you crape myrtle will maximize blooms, promote new growth and give your plant a great shape. Pruning is done in winter when the plant is dormant, between the months of December and February. Each plant is different. Below we have provided some example of a properly pruned crape myrtle.

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