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The health of the tree may determine which landowner is responsible for damages to property.

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A secondary source called “Florida Jurisprudence” provides that where a dead tree falls on an adjoining property and damages that property owner’s home, the landowner who owns the property where the tree originally was located is responsible for damages (1 Fla.

Jur 2d Adjoining Landowners section. Florida law puts the responsibility for fallen trees on the homeowner. When trees are close to your property line, then the law determines the owner by looking at the trunk of the tree.

If the trunk sits primarily on your property, then you are the owner. If the tree sits right in the middle of two properties, then both owners are responsible for the tree. Nov 28, Florida has laws governing these encroaching branches. Your legal right to trim branches hanging over your property line will depend on the health of the tree. If the tree is healthy, you may, at your own expense, trim back branches up to the property line.

Your neighbor won't necessarily be liable for healthy branches falling on your stumpgrind.pwted Reading Time: 3 mins. Aug 13, If a tree on your property falls, you are responsible for its removal.

If you have homeowners insurance, there is a good chance they will cover the clean-up of the tree and any damage costs. If the tree has fallen onto your neighbor’s property, then the same as above, but if it has fallen from your neighbor’s property over your common fence, then they are stumpgrind.pwted Reading Time: 5 mins.

Jul 30, If a tree falls down into another’s person’s yard due to natural causes like a storm, the tree owner is not liable.

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The tree owner is responsible, if he’s been warned to take it down and he didn’t. If your neighbor’s trees are a threat to your property – if Missing: Destin FL.

Jul 08, The median amount paid by insurance companies for settled tree claims was 4, Seven percent of all settled claims were caused by a fallen tree. Compare that with the Missing: Destin FL. Oct 26, If the tree is dead, dying, rotten, or diseased, or alive but obviously hazardous because it is leaning precariously toward another property, the owner of the property where the tree grows will most likely be liable for any damage caused by the tree if it falls on another’s property.

On the other hand, if a tree is alive, appears to be healthy, and is not leaning toward another’s property, and the tree falls because of a hurricane (normally considered an “Act of God”), then the Missing: Destin FL. In most American states, if your tree or any part of it falls on your neighbors' property and causes damage to their property through no fault of your own (due to a snow storm, winds, hurricane, or other so-called"act of God"), you are not responsible.

Your neighbors will have to file a claim with their own property insurer if they want to be. Sep 17, By Daniel Taylor, Esq.

on September 17, AM. When a large tree limb falls or an entire tree tips over, your car can suffer serious damage. In some instances, this damage may be covered by your auto insurance policy. In others, it may be covered by the insurance policy of the property owner. But in the event that the damage isn't covered by insurance, who, if anyone, can be held legally at fault for damage to your ride caused by a tree?Missing: Destin FL.

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