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Therefore, insulate it with leaves, mulch, or a tarp to prevent cold-weather damage.

May 27, Using mulch will help retain soil moisture. It will also deter root-knot nematodes; this pest is a major threat to fig production in Florida. Fig rust disease can also be a problem. Since the fruit forms on terminals of wood from the year before, prune your fig only to maintain the preferred size. Jun 06, The first time you should be doing fig bush pruning is when you first transplant your young fig tree.

Wait until after the coldest part of the season has passed, though.

When a fig tree is first planted, you should trim a fig tree back by about half. This will allow the tree to focus on developing its roots and becoming well established.

It will also help the fig tree grow side branches for a bushier stumpgrind.pwted Reading Time: 2 mins. When to prune a fig tree in Florida The fig is a deciduous tree.

This means that it loses its leaves every year. This is normally during the winter time and this is also the best to prune your fig stumpgrind.pwted Reading Time: 6 mins.

May 04, Fig trees and other plants prone to bleeding, like acers and laburnum, should be pruned in winter to stop sap bleeding from the wounds. Pruning a fig tree at the wrong time, during spring for example, can cause them to bleed profusely. This loss of sap can weaken the plant and in extreme cases may cause BBC Gardeners' World Magazine. Feb 27, Do most pruning during the winter. Once your fig tree reaches its third dormant season, or third winter, the vast majority of your pruning should take place during the late portion of the season since the tree is not actively growing during that time period.

Wait until after the coldest part of the season has passed, though%(78). Training and Pruning. Trees tend toward a bushy habit with many suckers arising from the root and crown area. Fig trees do not require pruning to be productive. Sep 07, start with a fig that has 3 or 4 well-spaced laterals of equal vigor arising from the main stem, at a height of ft from the ground.

pruning in late winter or early spring (after severe weather has passed), form a basic bush framework, as for an apple bush, with Author (s): Christopher Brickell, David Joyce.

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