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Feb 10, While it is best to prune just before the dormant season ends in late winter to early spring, you should remove dead, diseased and dying limbs at any time. Remove limbs that prevent the movement of people or vehicles, or are safety hazards.

Prune vigorous limbs that grow quickly out of the middle of your crape stumpgrind.pwted Reading Time: 1 min. Jan 24, DO Not cut back all branches to the same height by rounding it off. This will ruin the natural form of a Crape Myrtle tree. Pruning Crape Myrtle Trees is done by, slowly removing one-by-one all side (lateral) branches up to a height of 5-feet or so.

Height can depend upon the size of the tree so generally, it will be halfway stumpgrind.pws: Jun 05, So, the best time to prune crape myrtle is in late winter or early spring - just prior to new growth emerging.

For years, I've suggested this as a great time to prune them because at that time we're also pruning our roses and many other plants and trees in the landscape. Dec 10, Cut off suckers from the bottom, rubbing and cross growing branches and branches growing inward. Gradually cut off all side branches from the main base as the tree gets taller. Never leave lone or clustered stubs. Be sure to remove unwanted branches before they get too thick (thickness of a pencil).

Finally The Natural LookEstimated Reading Time: 5 mins. With proper pruning, any of our beautiful sizes and varieties can become a single stem plant. Simply remove any extra stems protruding from the ground. This includes any suckers. Also, trim any new growth that appears on the stem that may turn into a branch. You want all of your branching to occur on the top quarter of the tree.

Keep deadheading (if you can reach the flowers, that is) for further flowering. Cut several inches past the seed pod that's forming. You can prune a crape myrtle tree in spring - late March at the earliest - but don't get carried away too heavy a pruning (often called"crape murder") results in weakened new shoots and ugly dead ends on branches.

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