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Typical outdoor Bonsai species include the Juniper and the Chinese Elm. The Juniper is an evergreen, while the Elm is a deciduous tree that drops its leaves (or at least part of it) during autumn and winter.

Assuming your tree is losing leaves not because of the season, but due to a problem, this is what you should be looking at:Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins.

Nov 04, Since you say that you had the tree outside it may simply be starting to shed it's leaves for the year. Or, and this is quite possible, you have been watering it too frequently. The soil looks very wet and dense which is not uncommon for these type of trees. Leaves are turning two most common reasons for leaves turning yellow are: Not a bonsai expert, and not familiar with chinese elm specifically.

I (or its curator) make a suggestion and the tree accepts it or shows me. Hi, i received this juniper bonsai as a gift in january The tree announces this by getting pale, the leaves turn. Jan 20, 20 Bonsai Tree Yellow Leaves Falling Off Background.I have a bonsai tree that i have been watering daily with a water spray gun twice a day.

You can either leave your bonsai to grow in an outdoor environment, or you can choose grow lights if you have to leave the bonsai indoor.

Now the weather is starting to turn colder i have brought the plant here are a couple of photo's of my bonsai, i am not sure what type it is and what i need to do to prevent all the leaves yellowing and falling off. If you forget to water your Bonsai and the soil dries out completely, the roots will quickly dry out and the tree will die.

You'll know your roots are drying out when the soil is completely dry and the leaves start to wither and fall off, or if you have an evergreen, its foliage will slowly turn yellow. There are several bonsai tree diseases, viruses, moulds, and fungi that can affect your bonsai, and recognizing a few common signs will let you know when your plant may be in trouble.

Most diseased trees will show at least one of the following symptoms: distorted or discolored leaves and flowers; loss of leaves out of season; yellowed, wilted, dried, or falling leaves; slow growth.

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