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Jan 14, Your tree is probably suffering from a common problem for beginners--Winter Leaf Drop (WLD) caused by exposure to direct sun indoors while the roots are cool (below 60F). There are many threads on the problem and solutions-- you can find them using the search function at the top of the page, but basically you have 2 options-- take it out of the sun or heat the roots. A number (about 5 so far) of the bottom leaves are falling off. First the change from all green to green and yelow.

The middle"seam" turns all yellow. The yellow then spreads out sideways in the leaf falls off. Dec 21, Keep Citrus Trees Away from Radiators Poor light: Citrus trees really need to get a decent amount of light to flourish. Place them in an area that receives plenty of sunlight throughout the day for the best results.

Low light in mid Winter might cause a little bit of leaf loss, this is the trees way of adjusting itself to the stumpgrind.pwted Reading Time: 3 mins. My Meyer lemon is losing all its leaves in a big hurry. It's kept indoors in a large pot, and usually gets plenty of sun (well, as much as we get in the winter) because it's next to a window. The indoor temperatures range between about 60 and about 70 where it's at, and I've been watering it only when the top couple of inches of soil are dried out, at which point, I give it a gallon or so of water.

(it's one of the. May 13, Citrus trees tend to be extra sensitive to that shift and what seems like a minor change in light intensity or the amount of humidity or water it receives can cause leaves and developing fruit to drop almost overnight. Sunlight: Lemon trees need eight hours of direct sun per day. You can get away with six, especially during the winter off-season, but bright light is required for good fruit Gayla Trail.

Oct 10, In lemon trees deficient in certain key nutrients, such as magnesium and iron, leaf drop can occur. Symptoms of magnesium deficiency include yellowing or bronzing of leaves, and in. Oct 24, The loss of foliage is a good opportunity to eradicate the mites since there's less surface area in which to elude soap sprays. Apply the sprays every days until the mites are gone.

Treatment must be repeated at least once since the spray is ineffective against the eggs. I would use an insecticidal soap that is formulated for plants. Sep 13, A: Citrus tend naturally to drop some leaves during blossoming and fruit formation, but the tree should not drop the majority of its leaves during this time. Some common causes of leaf drop Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. Apr 26, You love your lemon tree, with its fragrant blossoms and juicy fruit, but insects also love this are a number of lemon tree insect pests.

These include relatively harmless bugs, like aphids, and more serious pests, like citrus rust mite, one of the insects that affect lemons rather than on for more information about how to get rid of insects on lemon trees.

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